13. Important Q & A's

Posted on May 23rd, 2011

I wanted to share this excerpt from a booklet I found called: "Winning the Heart of your Husband" By Ibraahim ibn Saaleh al-Mahmud.

Important Questions and Answers:

Q: Who is the most beautiful woman?
A: Beauty is that of the soul, education and moral values. Every woman has a share of beauty, and she should look after it and preserve it. But although the beauty of the body and the face may have a quick effect, it can never reach the level of a spiritual beauty in its splendid, radiance and lasting.

Q: Who is the happiest woman?
A: The happiest woman is she who shows love for human beings. This love has illuminated her soul with beauty, affection and eternal spring, and love and obedience for her Lord.

Q: Who is the most miserable woman?
A: The most miserable woman is the one who abandons her femininity and thinks that freedom is the shortest way to a man's heart, whereas this absolute freedom distorts her image and shakes her position in his heart. The miserable woman is the one who spends money lavishly, worships foreign fashion and loses herself to fame and ostentatiousness.

Q: If a wife loves her husband and then finds out in him some aspects of his character, which do not conform to her temperament and aim in life, what can she do?
A: In this situation, this woman should show her skills in dealing with the problem patiently, especially if she secures his trust and love. Love generates love and it is the best way to solve any problem. A scholar once said: "Love can restrain untamable souls and can also destroy the foundation. So, it is up to us to know how to use and how to understand love." With her beautiful smile showing on her face, a woman can win the heart of her husband and bring happiness to his life. It has a huge effect on him and can achieve much. A happy marriage is not only the husband's but also the wife's responsibility. Many women have managed to reform their husbands by wisdom and love.

Q: What are the symbol and attributes of a believing woman?
A: For a believing woman Islam is her way of life and the Qur'an is her Light. She fears Allah and abstains from the desires and attractions of the world. She knows that Allah has created her to give birth to leaders of the world.

Q: How can a wife make her husband happy?
A: The wife has an important role to play to make her husband happy and protect him from temptations and the lure of the outside world. She has a challenge to overcome. A clever woman is one who can make her husband look only at her and adjust everything to her own benefit. A successful woman is one who knows what her husband likes and attracts him...

Therefore, we should not be surprised to see a man neglecting his beautiful wife and looking at other women, whereas some less beautiful women manage to win their husbands' hearts and affections. A wife is responsible for her marital happiness or misery.

We advice women to look after their appearance and beauty at home. They should not greet their husbands with constant complaints. They should prepare a comfortable home for them by reducing the children's noise, smelling sweet and surprising them with nice food, which they like. In short, a wife should make the house a heaven for her husband.

This is just one short part of this booklet full of great advice.
Click here to download the full thing in pdf.

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